Company Targets

Combined Systems Inc. (CSI)

Combined Systems Inc. (CSI) calls Jamestown, Pennsylvania home. Often marketed and produced under the brand name Combined Tactical Systems (CTS) – they provide tear gas to the governments of Argentina, East Timor, Cameroon, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Sierra Leone and most prominently Israel and Egypt. Its "OC Vapor System is ideal for forcing subjects from small rooms, attics, crawl spaces, prison cells."


AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems Inc. (ALS)

AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems Inc. (ALS) (Formerly ALS Technologies Inc.) is based in Bull Shoals, Arkansas (to be moving to Taylor County, Florida in early 2013.) It is a subsidiary of National Presto Industries, which produces kitchen appliances and is especially known for its pressure cooker. Evidence of tear gas canisters it makes have been found in Puduraya, Malaysia.


Condor Non-Lethal Technologies

Condor Non-Lethal Technologies is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Defense Technology/ Safariland/ Federal Laboratories

Defense Technology and Federal Laboratories merged in 2001.


Nonlethal Technologies

Nonlethal Technologies is based in Homer City, Pennsylvania. Its tear gas canisters were a regularly used weapon against the uprising in Bahrain until they were forced to stop direct sales or export by an international campaign.  

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Sage Ordnance Systems Group

Sage Ordnance Systems Group (Sage International, Ltd. and Sage Control Ordnance) is headquartered in Oscoda, Michigan. It runs "under the skilled leadership of John Klein."

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